Here's some particularly touching remembrances of Rebroff and his music. These were received via email from fellow fans. 

Beautiful Russian Music (1999)

A couple of months ago I was watching a gardening special. On this particular segment they were in Finland. The lady that was being interviewed was telling the story that across the lake from where she lived had been a Russian soldiers camp. While she hated the politics of course she said that when the soldiers finally left the country, her and her family felt bereft. They missed the soldiers music so badly that they could hear echo across the lake. While she was having this conversation, they played this achingly beautiful balalaika music in the background. It reminded me of how I used to love the Ivan Rebroff records that my grandparents played.

A Dying Father's Last Wish (2003)

I was hoping that you could help me. My father died yesterday and, before he did, he asked us to play Ivan Rebroff's english version of "Old Men's Dreams". He was a huge fan but only has this song on an old album which did not copy well to a CD. I have searched the internet for a version that I could download as his funeral is in two days and I suspect I will have difficulty finding it in the stores. I was wondering if you would know where I could get a copy that I could download to a CD on such short notice. This would be greatly appreciated as this was the one and only piece of music that my father requested to be played at his funeral. Thank you so much.

First Impressions (2004)

A superb singer and I'm so glad to see he is still touring and recording. What a magnificent voice. I remember hearing 'Evening Chimes' for the first time on BBC radio about seventeen years ago and just thinking - wow - perhaps the most pure range of any singer ever, high and low.