December 13, 2017 Added 'Lasst Uns Froh Und Munter Sein', which is on 'fröhliche weihnacht überall - in 18 liedern um die welt songs' CD. Not in database yet.

March 11, 2017 Sorted list of tracks not available on CD by album, added section with database statistics.

March 1, 2017 Uploaded new pictures for the Vir Jou Suid-Afrika LP. Thanks Joop!

February 1, 2014 Reader's Digest put together a 3 CD release in 2006 for Rebroff's 75 birthday. There was a booklet with it, with more details than I've seen before. Here's the Link to the press release, and the three links at the bottom are the useful ones. <>

Also, Rebroff's castle is up for sale. This is the building seen in the background of the Boris, Boris, Borodin single. <>

Russian lyrics for 'Der trunkene Pope' are now available thanks again to Alain.

January 27, 2014 Added Schiwago-Melodie (Lara's Theme) in Russian, thanks to Alain

January 21, 2014 I've added several lyrics from Alain in France:

  • Die Nachtigall
  • Zwei Gitarren
  • Wenn du glauben Konntest
  • Schon war jede Stunde
  • Stenka Rasin
  • Ken Jy Die Land
  • Oktobermaand
  • Danie Lief
  • Wenn ich einmal reich war

January 3, 2014 There's a French CD "Le Meilleur de Ivan Rebroff" that contains 8 tracks making their first CD appearance. There are at least two CDs with this name, I'm referring to the one that was released in September/October of 2013. Here's a link to Amazon, where it's not available yet: <>

January 1, 2014 I finally found a picture of the Vir jou Sui-Afrika LP. I'm in the processes of verifying the track listing I've had all of these years; I think it's incorrect.

November 17, 2013 I've fixed the listing for the Reflex 'Ivan Rebroff' CD. I'm going to be making the effort to bring this site up-to-date soon. I think I'm going to start keeping all the track information in an SQL database.

February 2, 2011 A little bit of cleanup; I had some dead links in the Links section. I also added a list of tracks not available on CD in the Collector Info section. Still a work in progress.

October 24, 2010 I've added several more lyrics from my prolific friend Alain in France. I've also updated my email address as it seems the previous one no longer worked.

8/01/2009 I've added several more lyrics from my prolific friend Alain in France.

6/20/2009 I picked up a double CD from Amazon, titled "Ivan Rebroff". It has several tracks making their CD debut. So, if you're a completist like me, snatch it up. Here's a link to Amazon.

I'll get around it to adding to my web site eventually, for now just use my Amazon review to get a track listing.

2/22/2009 I've added a lyrics section to the web site. If you send them, I'll work on adding them. I've also added a remembrances section. I'll start this off with some of the nice email I've received over the years from fellow fans.

1/3/2009 Time Warner removed my web site, working on setting it up again.

2/27/2008 Ivan Rebroff (born Hans-Rolf Rippert) passes away in Frankfurt after a long illness.

1/25/2005 A new CD is available from <>.  I have not yet been able to find out what's on it.

1/17/2005 A new CD is available: Stimme aus Gold.  It contains tracks from Mein Russland, du bist schön & Reich mir die Hand, some on CD for the first time.  I bought this from <>.

7/01/2004 An afternoon with Ivan Rebroff in Australia: Pulse

3/26/2004 A couple of interesting interviews in the Australian/New Zealand press:

    The Advertiser

    The Advertiser

    The New Zealand Herald

3/21/2004 I've started adding a song list to this site.  Let me know of any suggestions and/or errors.

02/01/2004 He will give a concert at the Adalaide Festival Theatre on March 14, 2004.  Another article advertising this.

02/01/2004 He will give a concert at the Melbourne Concert Hall on February 28, 2004.

02/10/2004 Around the World with Ivan Rebroff (2 CD set) is available early February.

02/01/2004 Amazon is advertising a Christmas With Ivan Rebroff CD.  I have not heard this yet.


12/08/2003 He will also give a concert at the Brisbane Concert Hall (QPAC) on March 9, 2004.

11/10/2003 HMV has a Rebroff Christmas CD for sale: Christmas with Ivan Rebroff

10/20/2003 Ivan Rebroff will be touring Australia in February & March of 2004.  You can purchase tickets for the Sydney and Melbourne concerts through  


12/28/2002 Disky has an Ivan Rebroff DVD listed for sale: Ivan Rebroff Live in Concert. This is the same performance as is available on the VHS tape (1982 Australian concert). Though this is only available in PAL format (european standard), it plays OK on my computer (US).

10/13/2002 The Great Ivan Rebroff CD released in Australia, available through

10/10/2002 Meine Reise um die Welt released (available through the German Amazon site)